Revisiting old favourites

It all started with the Archive.

You come across an article in the newspaper about the Internet Archive. It didn’t pique your interest back then so you filed away the information in your brain for later. Who knew that later on, you would use the Archive to search for old blogs?

There’s something exciting about going back and reading blogs that have been deleted or gone, forever. You read the old posts, trying to piece them from memory. Underneath the excitement, there’s a sharp stab of nostalgia. You smile at the posts wistfully.

The undeniable feeling of regret comes washing over. That feeling that if you had known these blogs sooner or read them while you still had the chance. The Archive doesn’t offer much anyway, just a few snippets of posts gone forever.

You wish you had known the people behind them. You can feel their excitement pouring from the little snippets that you read. Because About pages can never really tell you about a person; it’s from their  words that you come to know what sort of a person they truly are.

As the clock ticks by, reminding you about all the tasks left for the day, you close the Archive. There’s always that little comfort in knowing that they will always be there to fall back on. Little old comforts.

Though there is joy in discovering new blogs and new people, you know that sometimes, just sometimes, you find solace in forgotten pieces of people who once lived their lives on the internet, just like you.